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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see a Pre-Authorized Hold after purchase?

When you place an order, we place a hold for a slightly higher order total on your card. This pending hold is replaced by the correct charge upon successful packing and delivery. This process ensures that suppliers can charge accurate weights for products (i.e. 1.24lb Fillet vs. 1lb Fillet ordered). If the user cancels the order or the payment hold is not captured, the authorization is cancelled and the funds are released back to the customer.

How do I contact Freshline?

We're here to help! We’re available during business (PST) hours at or +1-778-300-1855 (Canada) or +1-888-997-5463 (International).

Why do you have an order minimum?

Our suppliers have significant costs related to delivery, staff wages, gas expenses, licensing, logistics, and more. It's difficult for them to make a profit, especially as their operations are typically designed to serve restaurants and high-volume orders. COVID (and it's ensuing effects) are pushing suppliers to re-invent their business and serve end-consumers. They're working hard to adapt to this new normal and create new ways to add value to customers!

Where is my order? I haven't received it yet.

Due to the high volume of orders, customers will receive deliveries between 9am-5:30pm, based on your delivery area.
If you haven't received your order by 5:30pm, please email us at and we will solve this for you, ASAP!

What is the cancellation policy? Credits?

We accept returns up to 6pm the night before delivery. Cancellations can be made by clicking "My Orders" and modifying the order in question.
In the case of post-delivery concerns, credits are issued for any returns or weight variances. These credits are automatically applied to your next order until the balance reaches zero.

I'm missing some of my items. What do I do?

On the day of your delivery, an item may be out of stock due to seasonality, variability in catch, or high demand. If you are missing any items, please contact us at and we'll resolve this for you ASAP through a refund, credit, or replacement delivery.

How much does it cost to use the Freshline Platform?

Freshline is 100% free for both buyers and harvesters. Instead, we take a simple commission (based on the product, location, and quantity) from the expenses we eliminate from the supply chain, in order to cover the costs of running our marketplace.

Where do your products come from?

Freshline products come from top, local suppliers who were previously servicing the best restaurants in your city. During COVID (and beyond), they've adapted to provide their top notch products and services to consumers in need.

When will you launch in my city?

We're working around the clock to expand to your city! Let us know if you're interested in staying in the loop by signing up!

Will your product catalogue change over time?

Yes. We're working around the clock to add new suppliers, producers, and products every week. Stay tuned for new specials, suppliers, and exciting new developments each week!

Who is delivering my product? Is it Freshline?

Suppliers own the product and are in charge of deliveries to your home. At times, Freshline will partner with a vetted network of subcontracted reefer and freezer trucks for delivery. Each truck comes equipped with real-time delivery tracking and temperature monitoring. The Freshline supply chain is fully HACCP compliant.

Select orders may be delivered through multiple trucks if you've chosen to order from multiple suppliers.

How can I help?

We're providing access to our aggregated marketplace and order fulfillment software to wholesale suppliers in need.
Please help them (and consumers in need) by sharing Freshline with those around you & on social media.